Schedule & Results, Walter Gretzky House League Tournament, 2019-2020 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 3, 2020
Atom 1C8:30 AMGurney London Bandits B4 5-12Brantford AtomC MP Computers
Atom 1A8:30 AMBurford Brantford Atomc Brant Taxi 6-4Kitchener AtomC Black
Pwee 1C8:30 AMWGSC #2 Oakridge Aeros A6 2-2Brantford Stan's Fries
Atom 2B9:00 AMDavis North London Nationals 23 2-6Brantford AtomC Revel Realty
Pwee 1B9:00 AMCivic Cambridge Storm 0-7North London Nationals B6
Atom 1B9:00 AMSDCC West London Hawks 3-3Kitchener AtomC Green
Atom 1A9:00 AMWGSC #1 St. Catharines CYO Red Wings 0-7North London Nationals A4
Pwee 2B9:00 AMWGSC #3 North London Nationals 35 3-3Cambridge Snipers
Bantam 1A9:30 AMGurney Lawfield Oilers 1-2Brantford Airlink
Atom 2A9:30 AMBurford Cambridge AtomC Kings 4-3North London Nationals 13
Pwee 2B9:30 AMLions Kitchener Grizzlies 7-7Cambridge Oilers
Pwee 1A9:30 AMWGSC #2 Kitchener Bombers 5-1North London Nationals 25
Atom 1C9:30 AMWGSC #4 Welland Tigers 2-8New Hamburg Huskies
Bantam 1C10:00 AMDavis Stars of the Sea Red Wings 0-5Kitchener Vipers
Bantam 1D10:00 AMCivic Brantford Alliance Roofing 2-3Oakridge Aeros A8
Mgt 2A10:00 AMSDCC Guelph Pro Hockey Life 0-7Brantford Mallory Gordon
Mgt 1A10:00 AMWGSC #1 Chedoke Jets 5-4Niagara on the Lake Wolves
Bantam 1B10:05 AMWGSC #3 Lawfield Senators 3-0Hagersville Hawks
Pwee 2A10:30 AMWGSC #4 Oakville Blizzard 0-7Cambridge Leafs
Mgt 1A10:35 AMGurney Chedoke Bruins 2-5Brantford Sutton Realty
Pwee 1B10:35 AMLions Erindale Spitfires 1-7Guelph Gryphons
Bantam 2A10:35 AMWGSC #2 Kitchener Raiders 4-4Brantford Sutton Realty
Bantam 2A10:45 AMBurford Meadowvale Hawks 1-6Barrie Rival
Bantam 1D11:10 AMDavis Bradford House League #2 4-5Erie North Shore Storm
Mgt 1A11:10 AMCivic Oakridge Aero's A9 2-2Kent Cobras
Bantam 1B11:15 AMSDCC Monts on Time Express 0-3Barrie Flames
Mgt 2A11:15 AMWGSC #1 Cambridge Lightning 3-2Southwest Bullets
Bantam 1C11:15 AMWGSC #3 Cambridge Kings 1-4Southpoint Capitals
Pwee 2A11:40 AMWGSC #2 Barrie Peewee Ecker 0-3Cambridge Stars
Peewee 1D11:45 AMLions Barrie Colts 8-1Brantford Smiles In Motion
Mgt 1B11:45 AMWGSC #4 Valley East JLM Crushers 8-1Barrie Colts (Forest)
Mgt 2A12:05 PMBurford Heartland Dragons 2-5Barrie Sky Blue
Mgt 1B12:30 PMDavis North London Nationals C9 5-2Schomberg Red Wings
Peewee 1D12:30 PMCivic Northern Chiropractic Huskies 7-2Erie North Shore Storm
Pwee 1C12:30 PMSDCC Barrie Silver Bullets 1-1Oakridge Aeros A6
Mgt 1B12:40 PMWGSC #1 Rayside Balfour Scotia Bank Tigers 1-4Clarence Creek Castors
Bantam 1A1:05 PMWGSC #2 Wallaceburg Lakers 2-1Oakridge Aeros B8
Atom 1A1:05 PMWGSC #4 North London Nationals A4 2-2Brantford Atomc Brant Taxi
Atom 1A1:10 PMLions St. Catharines CYO Red Wings 5-11Kitchener AtomC Black
Atom 1B1:20 PMBurford Wallaceburg Lakers 1-4West London Hawks
Atom 1B1:30 PMCivic Valley East Cousin Vinny's 2-3Kitchener AtomC Green
Atom 1C1:35 PMSDCC New Hamburg Huskies 9-11Brantford AtomC MP Computers
Atom 2B1:35 PMWGSC #3 Point Edward Blackhawks 8-1North London Nationals 23
Bantam 1A1:45 PMDavis Brantford Airlink 5-2Metcalfe Jets
Atom 1C1:55 PMWGSC #1 Welland Tigers 6-6London Bandits B4
Atom 2B2:05 PMWGSC #2 Wasaga Beach Stars #2 2-7Brantford AtomC Revel Realty
Atom 2A2:05 PMWGSC #4 Wasaga Beach Stars #1 0-5Cambridge AtomC Kings
Pwee 1C2:10 PMLions Powassan Hawks 2-1Brantford Stan's Fries
Pwee 1A2:20 PMBurford Richmond Hill Kings 5-2North London Nationals 25
Bantam 1B2:30 PMCivic Hagersville Hawks 2-6Valley East Gerhart
Pwee 2B2:35 PMSDCC Cambridge Snipers 3-2Barrie Ice Dawgs
Atom 2A2:35 PMWGSC #3 Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey #54 7-0North London Nationals 13
Mgt 2A2:55 PMWGSC #1 Brantford Mallory Gordon 4-3North Dundas Demons
Bantam 1C3:05 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Vipers 5-2Copper Cliff Doyle Dodge Chrysler Rams
Pwee 2A3:10 PMLions Cambridge Leafs 4-2Almonte Pakenham Thunder
Pwee 1A3:10 PMWGSC #2 Wasaga Beach Stars 5-2Kitchener Bombers
Pwee 2B3:25 PMBurford Cambridge Oilers 2-5North London Nationals 35
Pwee 2A3:35 PMCivic Cambridge Stars 7-0Oakville Blizzard
Bantam 2A3:50 PMSDCC Brantford Sutton Realty 1-5Wasaga Beach Stars
Mgt 2A4:20 PMWGSC #1 Southwest Bullets 3-2Guelph Pro Hockey Life
Mgt 1A4:25 PMWGSC #2 Kent Cobras 2-4Chedoke Bruins
Bantam 1B4:25 PMWGSC #4 Barrie Flames 2-2Lawfield Senators
Mgt 2A4:30 PMLions Barrie Sky Blue 1-7Cambridge Lightning
Bantam 2A4:35 PMCivic Barrie Rival 2-6Kitchener Raiders
Bantam 1D5:00 PMSDCC Oakridge Aeros A8 3-0Sault Young's Insurance Blackhawks
Mgt 1B5:00 PMWGSC #3 Barrie Colts (Forest) 3-3Schomberg Red Wings
Mgt 1A5:35 PMWGSC #1 Brantford Sutton Realty 4-4Chedoke Jets
Bantam 1C5:45 PMCivic Southpoint Capitals 7-2Stars of the Sea Red Wings
Bantam 1A5:50 PMWGSC #2 Oakridge Aeros B8 3-2Lawfield Oilers
Mgt 1B5:55 PMLions Rayside Balfour Scotia Bank Tigers 1-8Valley East JLM Crushers
Peewee 1D5:55 PMWGSC #4 Northern Chiropractic Huskies 2-1Barrie Colts
Pwee 1B6:05 PMSDCC Erindale Spitfires 0-7Cambridge Storm
Atom 1B6:05 PMWGSC #3 Wallaceburg Lakers 0-1Valley East Cousin Vinny's
Peewee 1D6:50 PMWGSC #1 Erie North Shore Storm 2-3Brantford Smiles In Motion
Atom 2B6:50 PMWGSC #2 Point Edward Blackhawks 7-0Wasaga Beach Stars #2
Mgt 1B7:00 PMWGSC #4 Clarence Creek Castors 0-5North London Nationals C9
Atom 2A7:10 PMLions Wasaga Beach Stars #1 1-6Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey #54
Mgt 1A7:15 PMSDCC Niagara on the Lake Wolves 1-4Oakridge Aero's A9
Pwee 2A7:20 PMWGSC #3 Almonte Pakenham Thunder 2-2Barrie Peewee Ecker
Pwee 1C7:55 PMWGSC #2 Barrie Silver Bullets 7-2Powassan Hawks
Pwee 1A8:00 PMWGSC #1 Wasaga Beach Stars 1-1Richmond Hill Kings
Pwee 2B8:10 PMLions Barrie Ice Dawgs 1-1Kitchener Grizzlies
Pwee 1B8:15 PMWGSC #4 Guelph Gryphons 4-7North London Nationals B6
Bantam 1A8:20 PMWGSC #3 Metcalfe Jets 3-0Wallaceburg Lakers
Mgt 2A8:35 PMSDCC North Dundas Demons 1-2Heartland Dragons
Bantam 1C9:00 PMWGSC #1 Copper Cliff Doyle Dodge Chrysler Rams 5-1Cambridge Kings
Bantam 1B9:00 PMWGSC #2 Valley East Gerhart 6-1Monts on Time Express
Bantam 2A9:20 PMWGSC #4 Wasaga Beach Stars 7-2Meadowvale Hawks
Bantam 1D9:40 PMWGSC #3 Sault Young's Insurance Blackhawks 2-3Bradford House League #2
Bantam 1D9:50 PMSDCC Erie North Shore Storm 3-1Brantford Alliance Roofing
Saturday, January 4, 2020
Pwee 2A7:30 AMWGSC #2 Barrie Peewee Ecker 2-7Cambridge Leafs
Atom 2B7:30 AMWGSC #4 Brantford AtomC Revel Realty 0-7Point Edward Blackhawks
Atom 1A8:00 AMCivic St. Catharines CYO Red Wings 3-6Brantford Atomc Brant Taxi
Atom 1B8:00 AMLions Kitchener AtomC Green 1-1Wallaceburg Lakers
Atom 1B8:00 AMWGSC #1 Valley East Cousin Vinny's 4-4West London Hawks
Atom 2A8:00 AMWGSC #3 Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey #54 5-4Cambridge AtomC Kings
Pwee 2A8:30 AMWGSC #2 Almonte Pakenham Thunder 5-0Oakville Blizzard
Atom 2B8:30 AMWGSC #4 Wasaga Beach Stars #2 2-3North London Nationals 23
Atom 1A9:00 AMCivic Kitchener AtomC Black 3-2North London Nationals A4
Atom 1C9:00 AMLions Brantford AtomC MP Computers 8-3Welland Tigers
Atom 1C9:00 AMWGSC #1 New Hamburg Huskies 5-5London Bandits B4
Atom 2A9:00 AMWGSC #3 North London Nationals 13 3-0Wasaga Beach Stars #1
Bantam 1D9:30 AMWGSC #2 Erie North Shore Storm 1-2Oakridge Aeros A8
Pwee 2B9:30 AMWGSC #4 Kitchener Grizzlies 1-4Cambridge Snipers
Pwee 2B10:00 AMCivic Barrie Ice Dawgs 0-2North London Nationals 35
Bantam 1C10:00 AMLions Southpoint Capitals 1-6Kitchener Vipers
Bantam 1B10:00 AMWGSC #1 Lawfield Senators 2-3Valley East Gerhart
Bantam 1B10:00 AMWGSC #3 Barrie Flames 8-2Hagersville Hawks
Bantam 1A10:35 AMWGSC #4 Lawfield Oilers 3-4Metcalfe Jets
Mgt 1A10:40 AMWGSC #2 Chedoke Bruins 1-6Oakridge Aero's A9
Bantam 1A11:10 AMCivic Oakridge Aeros B8 1-0Brantford Airlink
Mgt 2A11:15 AMWGSC #1 Barrie Sky Blue 0-4Brantford Mallory Gordon
Bantam 1C11:20 AMLions Stars of the Sea Red Wings 0-3Copper Cliff Doyle Dodge Chrysler Rams
Bantam 1D11:20 AMWGSC #3 Brantford Alliance Roofing 2-2Sault Young's Insurance Blackhawks
Pwee 1C11:45 AMWGSC #4 Powassan Hawks 1-2Oakridge Aeros A6
Pwee 1A11:50 AMWGSC #2 North London Nationals 25 0-5Wasaga Beach Stars
Peewee 1D12:20 PMCivic Brantford Smiles In Motion 2-5Northern Chiropractic Huskies
Pwee 1C12:25 PMLions Brantford Stan's Fries 1-2Barrie Silver Bullets
Mgt 2A12:25 PMWGSC #1 Heartland Dragons 0-1Guelph Pro Hockey Life
Bantam 2A12:30 PMWGSC #3 Meadowvale Hawks 3-10Brantford Sutton Realty
Peewee 1D12:45 PMWGSC #4 Erie North Shore Storm 0-3Barrie Colts
Pwee 1A12:50 PMWGSC #2 Richmond Hill Kings 2-6Kitchener Bombers
Pwee 2A1:25 PMCivic Cambridge Leafs 5-3Cambridge Stars
Mgt 2A1:30 PMLions North Dundas Demons 3-0Southwest Bullets
Bantam 2A1:35 PMWGSC #1 Wasaga Beach Stars 5-3Kitchener Raiders
Pwee 2B1:40 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Snipers 7-1Cambridge Oilers
Atom2 P/OSemi-Final #11:50 PMWGSC #4 Brantford AtomC Revel Realty 7-3Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey #54
Pwee 1B1:55 PMWGSC #2 Guelph Gryphons 1-6Cambridge Storm
Pwee 2B2:30 PMCivic North London Nationals 35 0-3Kitchener Grizzlies
Bantam 1B2:45 PMLions Hagersville Hawks 3-3Monts on Time Express
Pwee 1B2:45 PMWGSC #1 North London Nationals B6 5-0Erindale Spitfires
Pwee 2A2:45 PMWGSC #3 Oakville Blizzard 0-7Barrie Peewee Ecker
Atom2 P/OSemi-Final #12:55 PMWGSC #4 Cambridge AtomC Kings 3-5Point Edward Blackhawks
Mgt 1A3:05 PMWGSC #2 Chedoke Jets 5-3Kent Cobras
Mgt 2A3:40 PMCivic Brantford Mallory Gordon 3-3Cambridge Lightning
Mgt 1B3:45 PMWGSC #1 Barrie Colts (Forest) 1-5North London Nationals C9
Mgt 1A4:00 PMWGSC #3 Niagara on the Lake Wolves 4-1Brantford Sutton Realty
Mgt 1B4:00 PMWGSC #4 Rayside Balfour Scotia Bank Tigers 1-5Schomberg Red Wings
Bantam 1C4:05 PMLions Kitchener Vipers 3-2Cambridge Kings
Bantam 2A4:20 PMWGSC #2 Brantford Sutton Realty 7-2Barrie Rival
Bantam 1D4:55 PMCivic Oakridge Aeros A8 4-1Bradford House League #2
Mgt 1B5:00 PMWGSC #1 Clarence Creek Castors 1-3Valley East JLM Crushers
Atom1 P/O1/4 Final - #25:05 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener AtomC Green 1-4West London Hawks
Bantam 1A5:10 PMWGSC #4 Brantford Airlink 1-1Wallaceburg Lakers
Atom1 P/O1/4 Final - #15:15 PMLions New Hamburg Huskies 2-0Kitchener AtomC Black
Pwee 1 P/O1/4 Final #15:25 PMWGSC #2 Barrie Colts 4-2Wasaga Beach Stars
Bantam 1B6:05 PMCivic Valley East Gerhart 4-1Barrie Flames
Bantam 1C6:10 PMWGSC #1 Copper Cliff Doyle Dodge Chrysler Rams 1-5Southpoint Capitals
Pwee 2B6:10 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Oilers 1-1Barrie Ice Dawgs
Bantam 1A6:20 PMWGSC #4 Metcalfe Jets 2-4Oakridge Aeros B8
Pwee 1 P/O1/4 Final #46:25 PMWGSC #2 Kitchener Bombers 10-5Northern Chiropractic Huskies
Pwee 2A6:30 PMLions Cambridge Stars 4-2Almonte Pakenham Thunder
Bantam 1B7:15 PMWGSC #1 Monts on Time Express 0-3Lawfield Senators
Pwee 1 P/O1/4 Final #37:15 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Storm 4-2Barrie Silver Bullets
Mgt 1A7:20 PMCivic Oakridge Aero's A9 5-5Chedoke Jets
Bantam 1D7:25 PMWGSC #4 Sault Young's Insurance Blackhawks 0-4Erie North Shore Storm
Mgt 2A7:30 PMWGSC #2 Guelph Pro Hockey Life 1-2North Dundas Demons
Pwee 1 P/O1/4 Final #27:35 PMLions Oakridge Aeros A6 1-5North London Nationals B6
Mgt 1A8:25 PMWGSC #1 Chedoke Bruins 4-2Niagara on the Lake Wolves
Mgt 1B8:30 PMWGSC #3 North London Nationals C9 7-1Rayside Balfour Scotia Bank Tigers
Bantam 2A8:35 PMCivic Kitchener Raiders 4-0Meadowvale Hawks
Mgt 2A8:40 PMLions Southwest Bullets 3-4Barrie Sky Blue
Mgt 2A8:40 PMWGSC #2 Cambridge Lightning 7-0Heartland Dragons
Mgt 1B8:40 PMWGSC #4 Barrie Colts (Forest) 3-3Clarence Creek Castors
Bantam 1A9:35 PMWGSC #1 Wallaceburg Lakers 1-2Lawfield Oilers
Bantam 1C9:45 PMCivic Cambridge Kings 3-0Stars of the Sea Red Wings
Mgt 1A9:50 PMLions Kent Cobras 1-5Brantford Sutton Realty
Mgt 1B9:50 PMWGSC #2 Schomberg Red Wings 1-8Valley East JLM Crushers
Bantam 1D9:50 PMWGSC #3 Bradford House League #2 5-7Brantford Alliance Roofing
Bantam 2A9:50 PMWGSC #4 Barrie Rival 0-7Wasaga Beach Stars
Sunday, January 5, 2020
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - 1/4 Final 28:45 AMWGSC #2 Southpoint Capitals 0-1Oakridge Aeros B8
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - 1/4 Final 48:45 AMWGSC #4 Erie North Shore Storm 0-3Valley East Gerhart
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - 1/4 Final 19:00 AMWGSC #1 Brantford Airlink 0-3Kitchener Vipers
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - 1/4 Final 39:00 AMWGSC #3 Lawfield Senators 0-4Oakridge Aeros A8
Atom1 P/OAtom 1 Semi-Final #110:05 AMWGSC #2 New Hamburg Huskies 4-7Brantford AtomC MP Computers
Atom1 P/OAtom 1 Semi-Final #210:05 AMWGSC #4 West London Hawks 2-0Brantford Atomc Brant Taxi
Pwee 1 P/OPeewee 1 - Semi-Final 110:20 AMWGSC #1 Cambridge Storm 1-6North London Nationals B6
Pwee 1 P/OPeewee 1 - Semi-Final 210:20 AMWGSC #3 Kitchener Bombers 3-2Barrie Colts
Ban 2 P/OBantam 2 - Semi-Final 111:15 AMWGSC #2 Kitchener Raiders 4-6Brantford Sutton Realty
Pwee 2 P/OPeewee 2 - Semi-Final 111:15 AMWGSC #4 North London Nationals 35 1-2Cambridge Leafs
Ban 2 P/OBantam 2 - Semi-Final 211:30 AMWGSC #1 Barrie Rival 3-9Wasaga Beach Stars
Pwee 2 P/OPeewee 2 - Semi-Final 211:30 AMWGSC #3 Cambridge Stars 1-6Cambridge Snipers
Mgt 1 P/OMidget 1 - Semi-Final 112:45 PMWGSC #2 North London Nationals C9 2-3Oakridge Aero's A9
Mgt 1 P/OMidget 1 -Semi-Final 212:45 PMWGSC #3 Chedoke Jets 4-6Valley East JLM Crushers
Mgt 2 P/OMidget 2 - Championship Game1:00 PMWGSC #1 Brantford Mallory Gordon 3-7Cambridge Lightning
Atom1 P/OAtom 1 - Championship Game2:15 PMWGSC #3 West London Hawks 4-6Brantford AtomC MP Computers
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - Semi-Final 12:15 PMWGSC #2 Oakridge Aeros B8 0-5Kitchener Vipers
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - Semi-Final 22:30 PMWGSC #1 Oakridge Aeros A8 2-5Valley East Gerhart
Atom2 P/OAtom 2 - Championship Game3:20 PMWGSC #3 Brantford AtomC Revel Realty 5-4Point Edward Blackhawks
Pwee 2 P/OPeewee 2 - Championsip Game3:40 PMWGSC #2 Cambridge Snipers 4-5Cambridge Leafs
Pwee 1 P/OPeewee 1 Championship Game3:50 PMWGSC #1 Kitchener Bombers 3-5North London Nationals B6
Ban 2 P/OBantam 2 - Championship Game4:55 PMWGSC #2 Brantford Sutton Realty 1-8Wasaga Beach Stars
Mgt 1 P/OMidget 1 - Championship Game5:10 PMWGSC #1 Oakridge Aero's A9 6-7Valley East JLM Crushers
Ban 1 P/OBantam 1 - Championship Game6:30 PMWGSC #1 Valley East Gerhart 2-6Kitchener Vipers
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