Objectives (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)



Brantford Minor Hockey Association

Association Objectives

  1. Facilitate a Development Structure with a consistent approach to hockey development using a Fundamental Stream.
    a.    Document the “BMHA Hockey Development Program”.
    b.    Document the “Level Assessment Skill Testing Report” program.

  2. Provide appropriate training and resource tools to pre-qualified coaches, to enable them to execute the BMHA structured hockey program.
    a.    BMHA will allocate 3% of general revenues to support Coach / Player / Program and Volunteer development in accordance with the Vision Statement.
    b.    The BMHA will host a minimum of six Coach Workshops per year.
    c.    All Team Management will complete “Respect in Sport” and be in compliance with the “BMHA Police Check Protocol.”
    d.    House League coaches will complete at a minimum “Coach Stream.” And Rep. Coaches will complete at a minimum Development Stream 1 (DS1).
    e.    Bantam AAA, Minor Midget AAA and Midget AAA coaches will be certified in the High Performance 1 (HP1) program.
    f.     All teams will have a certified Trainer.

  3. Measure the progress year-over-year on the Level Assessment Skills Testing Report and document improvements of a minimum of 5% year-over-year.  Grading to be completed mid-season and at the end of each season.

  4. Recruit and maintain quality Coach Coordinators, Coaches, Convenors and Volunteers to continuously execute, assess and improve the Development Program.
    a.    Have all Board positions filled through the AGM election process.
    b.    Achieve an average “applicants to open position” ration of 3:1 for Coaching positions;
    c.    Maintain a maximum “player to volunteer” ratio of 4:1
    d.    Achieve an average “Seasons of Service” record of 5 years for each volunteer.

  5. Evaluate Coach Coordinators, Coaches and Convenors on their commitment to the program and effectiveness in execution.

  6. Review the Vision Statement and Objectives on an annual basis with a goal toward Continuous Improvement.

  7. Report the “Achievement vs. Objectives (# 1-4)” at the Annual General Meeting and post the results on the BMHA website.