Schedule & Results, Walter Gretzky International House League, 2011-2012 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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Friday, January 13, 2012
Novice A19:00 AMRink 1 Waterloo 7-9Brantford Vipers
Novice A29:00 AMRink 3 Port Credit 2-0Erindale Bedford
Novice B49:00 AMLions Erindale Gracie1-3Brantford Chargers
Bantam A19:30 AMRink 2 Aurora Negri4-3Brantford Winmar
Novice C59:30 AMRink 4 Kitchener Mighty Ducks0-1Cambridge Flyers
Atom A110:00 AMRink 3 Aurora Bourrie0-8Brantford Lowes
Atom A210:00 AMLions Waterloo 3-6Kitchener Gesinghaus
Novice C610:00 AMRink 1 Lambton Shores 3-3Lincoln Blades
Atom B310:30 AMRink 2 Credit Valley Wolves0-8Brantford IBEW
Atom B410:30 AMRink 4 Thornton Tigers4-0Kitchener Magee
Peewee A111:00 AMRink 3 Barrie Weaver1-6Brantford Swaye & Associates
Bantam B311:00 AMRink 1 Aurora Sortino2-5Brantford Apogee Ceramics
Atom C611:00 AMLions Erindale #431-2Aurora Fulford
Peewee B211:30 AMRink 2 Barrie Whealy1-4Brantford Lowes
Bantam C611:30 AMRink 4 Waterloo 3-5Oakridge
Peewee C412:00 PMRink 1 Erindale Comitale2-5Barrie Scott
Peewee C512:00 PMRink 3 West London 0-3Lasalle Sabres
Peewee B612:00 PMLions Waterloo 7-2Kitchener Magee
Bantam A212:45 PMRink 4 Oakville Lightning0-6Oakville Flames
Novice B312:45 PMRink 2 Lincoln Kings6-5Lasalle Sabres
Midget A11:15 PMLions Blenheim 2-2Brantford Stans Fries
Bantam B41:15 PMRink 3 Stoney Creek 0-1Kitchener Aces
Atom C51:15 PMRink 1 Oakville Red Hawks2-7Osgoode Rideau
Peewee A32:00 PMRink 4 Valley East 6-0Erindale French
Bantam C52:00 PMRink 2 Bradford 0-1Ajax
Juvenile12:30 PMLions North London 0-1Brantford Gates 99er's
Midget C22:30 PMRink 1 Clarence Creek Beavers6-0Aurora
Midget C32:30 PMRink 3 Waterloo 3-1Kitchener Gesinghaus
Midget A43:15 PMRink 2 Stoney Creek 4-4Hanmer
Midget B53:15 PMRink 4 Bradford 4-0Brantford Abcott Construction
Novice C113:45 PMRink 3 Lincoln Blades1-7Cambridge Flyers
Juvenile23:45 PMLions Brantford Levac's 99er's3-5Brantford Lowes 99er's
Atom B93:45 PMRink 1 Kitchener Magee3-1Brantford IBEW
Novice A104:30 PMRink 4 Port Credit 4-2Waterloo
Novice A94:30 PMRink 2 Erindale Bedford0-11Brantford Vipers
Novice C124:45 PMRink 3 Lambton Shores 2-10Kitchener Mighty Ducks
Novice B84:45 PMRink 1 Lincoln Kings1-2Erindale Gracie
Juvenile35:00 PMLions Aurora 6-1West Hill Sabres
Atom A75:30 PMRink 2 Kitchener Gesinghaus2-6Brantford Lowes
Atom A85:30 PMRink 4 Waterloo 3-3Aurora Bourrie
Atom B105:45 PMRink 3 Thornton Tigers11-0Credit Valley Wolves
Novice B75:45 PMRink 1 Lasalle Sabres3-8Brantford Chargers
Midget B66:15 PMLions Valley East 8-0Kitchener Christian
Atom C116:30 PMRink 2 Osgoode Rideau3-2Aurora Fulford
Atom C126:30 PMRink 4 Oakville Red Hawks3-2Erindale #43
Peewee A76:45 PMRink 1 Valley East 6-2Barrie Weaver
Peewee B86:45 PMRink 3 Waterloo 8-0Barrie Whealy
Peewee A117:15 PMLions Erindale French2-8Brantford Swaye & Associates
Peewee B107:30 PMRink 4 Kitchener Magee2-1Brantford Lowes
Peewee C97:30 PMRink 2 Lasalle Sabres2-3Barrie Scott
Peewee C127:45 PMRink 3 West London 3-2Erindale Comitale
Bantam A77:45 PMRink 1 Oakville Lightning0-11Aurora Negri
Bantam A108:30 PMLions Oakville Flames1-3Brantford Winmar
Bantam B88:30 PMRink 2 Kitchener Aces1-7Brantford Apogee Ceramics
Bantam B98:30 PMRink 4 Stoney Creek 0-1Aurora Sortino
Juvenile49:00 PMRink 1 Brantford Levac's 99er's1-4Brantford Gates 99er's
Juvenile59:30 PMRink 2 Aurora 9-2Brantford Lowes 99er's
Juvenile69:30 PMRink 4 North London 0-1West Hill Sabres
Saturday, January 14, 2012
Bantam C119:00 AMRink 1 Waterloo 1-5Bradford
Bantam C129:00 AMRink 3 Oakridge 4-2Ajax
Midget A79:30 AMRink 2 Hanmer 2-3Brantford Stans Fries
Midget A89:30 AMRink 4 Stoney Creek 3-2Blenheim
Midget B1010:15 AMRink 3 Kitchener Christian0-7Brantford Abcott Construction
Midget B910:15 AMRink 1 Valley East 3-1Bradford
Midget C1110:45 AMRink 2 Kitchener Gesinghaus1-5Aurora
Midget C1210:45 AMRink 4 Waterloo 5-3Clarence Creek Beavers
Juvenile811:30 AMRink 3 Brantford Lowes 99er's1-0North London
Novice A1311:45 AMRink 1 Brantford Vipers4-2Port Credit
Juvenile712:00 PMRink 2 Brantford Gates 99er's5-2Aurora
Novice A1412:15 PMRink 4 Waterloo 3-1Erindale Bedford
Novice B1512:45 PMRink 1 Erindale Gracie2-7Lasalle Sabres
Novice B161:00 PMRink 3 Brantford Chargers3-2Lincoln Kings
Novice C171:15 PMRink 4 Kitchener Mighty Ducks7-0Lincoln Blades
Juvenile91:15 PMRink 2 West Hill Sabres5-5Brantford Levac's 99er's
Atom A131:45 PMRink 1 Aurora Bourrie0-1Kitchener Gesinghaus
Atom B142:00 PMRink 3 Brantford IBEW3-6Thornton Tigers
Atom A152:15 PMRink 4 Brantford Lowes2-0Waterloo
Novice C182:45 PMRink 2 Cambridge Flyers13-0Lambton Shores
Atom C163:00 PMRink 3 Aurora Fulford3-2Oakville Red Hawks
Peewee A133:15 PMRink 4 Barrie Weaver0-1Erindale French
Atom C173:15 PMRink 1 Erindale #430-12Osgoode Rideau
Atom B183:45 PMRink 2 Credit Valley Wolves0-9Kitchener Magee
Peewee B144:00 PMRink 3 Brantford Lowes1-10Waterloo
Peewee B154:15 PMRink 1 Barrie Whealy0-6Kitchener Magee
Peewee C164:15 PMRink 4 Barrie Scott6-0West London
Peewee A174:45 PMRink 2 Brantford Swaye & Associates1-3Valley East
Bantam C135:00 PMRink 3 Ajax 1-7Waterloo
Bantam C145:15 PMRink 1 Bradford 2-7Oakridge
Bantam A155:15 PMRink 4 Aurora Negri6-1Oakville Flames
Peewee C185:45 PMRink 2 Erindale Comitale3-2Lasalle Sabres
Bantam B176:15 PMRink 3 Brantford Apogee Ceramics1-0Stoney Creek
Midget A136:30 PMRink 4 Brantford Stans Fries2-0Stoney Creek
Bantam B186:30 PMRink 1 Aurora Sortino4-0Kitchener Aces
Bantam A166:45 PMRink 2 Brantford Winmar8-1Oakville Lightning
Midget C157:45 PMRink 3 Aurora 3-6Waterloo
Midget B168:00 PMRink 4 Brantford Abcott Construction1-6Valley East
Midget A148:15 PMRink 2 Blenheim 1-2Hanmer
Midget C179:00 PMRink 3 Clarence Creek Beavers6-1Kitchener Gesinghaus
Midget B189:15 PMRink 4 Bradford 12-2Kitchener Christian
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Championsh199:00 AMRink 1 Brantford Winmar4-5Aurora Negri
Championsh209:00 AMRink 3 Oakridge 3-0Brantford Apogee Ceramics
Championsh199:30 AMRink 2 Bradford 3-2Valley East
Championsh1010:30 AMRink 1 West Hill Sabres2-3Brantford Gates 99er's
Championsh1110:30 AMRink 3 Brantford Lowes 99er's1-4Aurora
Championsh2011:00 AMRink 2 Brantford Stans Fries1-2Waterloo
Championsh1912:15 PMRink 1 Kitchener Magee1-2Brantford Lowes
Championsh1912:15 PMRink 3 Brantford Swaye & Associates1-7Waterloo
Championsh1912:30 PMRink 2 Kitchener Mighty Ducks1-4Cambridge Flyers
Championsh201:45 PMRink 1 Osgoode Rideau2-8Thornton Tigers
Championsh201:45 PMRink 3 Barrie Scott2-5Valley East
Championsh202:00 PMRink 2 Brantford Chargers2-6Brantford Vipers
Championsh123:30 PMRink 1 Brantford Gates 99er's4-3Aurora
Championsh213:30 PMRink 3 Bradford 1-3Waterloo
Championsh213:45 PMRink 2 Aurora Negri2-0Oakridge
Championsh215:30 PMRink 1 Valley East 0-6Waterloo
Championsh215:30 PMRink 3 Brantford Vipers7-6Cambridge Flyers
Championsh215:45 PMRink 2 Brantford Lowes7-0Thornton Tigers
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