Schedule & Results, Wayne Gretzky International Hockey Tournament, 2019-2020 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 27, 2019
M Atom AMAA019:00 AMWGSC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red4-0Glancaster Bombers
M Atom AMAA029:00 AMWGSC2 Stoney Creek Warriors1-6London Jr. Mustangs White
Novice1N1019:00 AMWGSC3 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Cambridge Hawks Black
Atom MDAMD019:30 AMDavis Caledonia Thunder3-3Brantford 99ers
MAtomMDMAM019:30 AMWGSC4 West London Hawks3-0North London Nationals
MAtomMDMAM029:30 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers2-1Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeMDAMPM0110:00 AMWGSC1 West London Hawks3-6Cambridge Hawks
Novice1N10210:00 AMWGSC3 Brantford 99ers0-0North London Nationals
PeeweeAPA0110:00 AMGurney Cambridge Hawks0-2Brantford 99ers
PeeweeMDPMD0110:00 AMBurford London Bandits Orange3-3Brantford 99ers
PeeweeAPA0210:15 AMWGSC2 Woolwich Wildcats4-1Burlington Eagles
Atom MDAMD0210:30 AMWGSC4 Glancaster Bombers3-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MPeeweeAMPA0110:30 AMStGeorge Glancaster Bombers0-4Flamborough-Dundas Sabres
MPeeweeMDAMPM0210:30 AMDavis Flamborough-Dundas Sabres0-5Brantford 99ers
Novice1N10311:00 AMWGSC3 West London Hawks0-0Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeMDPMD0211:00 AMWGSC1 Waterloo Wolves5-3North London Nationals
PeeweeMDPMD0311:15 AMGurney Clarington Toro's6-2Strathroy Rockets
PeeweeMDPMD0411:15 AMBurford Stoney Creek Warriors Red1-3Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeAMPA0211:30 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers6-2Erie North Shore Storm
MPeeweeMDAMPM0311:30 AMWGSC2 London Bandits0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
PeeweeAPA0311:30 AMWGSC4 Whitby Wildcats5-2Hespeler Shamrocks
PeeweeMDPMD0511:30 AMDavis Stoney Creek Warriors White2-7Caledonia Thunder
MPeeweeAMPA0312:15 PMWGSC1 Centre Wellington Fusion3-1St. Clair Shores Saints
M Atom AMAA0312:30 PMWGSC2 New Hamburg Huskies1-1Sarnia Sting
M Atom AMAA0412:30 PMBurford Orillia Terriers1-6Brantford 99ers
M Atom AMAA0512:30 PMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-2Burlington Eagles
MPeeweeAMPA0412:45 PMDavis Stoney Creek Warriors2-0Burlington Eagles
M Atom AMAA061:00 PMGurney London Jr. Mustangs White8-3Cambridge Hawks
M Atom AMAA071:15 PMWGSC1 Glancaster Bombers0-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
M Atom AMAA081:30 PMWGSC2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-1Stoney Creek Warriors
MAtomMDMAM031:30 PMWGSC4 London Bandits2-4West London Hawks
MAtomMDMAM041:30 PMStGeorge North London Nationals5-1Cambridge Hawks
Atom MDAMD032:00 PMGurney Northumberland Nighthawks0-3Caledonia Thunder
Novice1N1042:00 PMWGSC3 North London Nationals0-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeAPA042:15 PMDavis Brantford 99ers3-2Vaughan Panthers
Atom MDAMD042:30 PMWGSC4 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-3West London Hawks
Atom MDAMD052:45 PMWGSC2 Georgina Blaze3-2Glancaster Bombers
Novice1N1053:00 PMWGSC3 Brantford 99ers0-0Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeAPA053:15 PMWGSC1 Cambridge Hawks4-1Woolwich Wildcats
PeeweeMDPMD063:15 PMGurney Waterloo Wolves4-2Parry Sound Shamrocks
MPeeweeMDAMPM043:30 PMDavis Flamborough-Dundas Sabres0-5West London Hawks
PeeweeMDPMD073:30 PMStGeorge Strathroy Rockets6-1London Bandits Orange
PeeweeMDPMD083:45 PMWGSC2 Clarington Toro's6-1Stoney Creek Warriors White
PeeweeMDPMD093:45 PMWGSC4 North London Nationals1-4Stoney Creek Warriors Red
PeeweeMDPMD103:45 PMBurford Caledonia Thunder1-1Brantford 99ers
Novice1N1064:00 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks Black0-0West London Hawks
M Atom AMAA094:30 PMDavis Burlington Eagles0-5New Hamburg Huskies
MBantamMDMBM014:30 PMWGSC1 Barrie Colts5-0Burlington Bulldogs Red
PeeweeAPA064:30 PMGurney Burlington Eagles3-6Whitby Wildcats
M Atom AMAA104:45 PMStGeorge Brantford 99ers7-2Sarnia Sting
MPeeweeMDAMPM055:00 PMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks1-2London Bandits
M Atom AMAA115:15 PMWGSC2 Orillia Terriers1-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
M Atom AMAA125:15 PMBurford Cambridge Hawks1-6Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MBantamMDMBM025:30 PMDavis Brampton 45's1-5Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeAMPA055:30 PMWGSC3 Burlington Eagles1-6Brantford 99ers
MAtomMDMAM055:45 PMStGeorge London Bandits3-0Brantford 99ers
MBantamMDMBM035:45 PMGurney North London Nationals6-1Brantford 99ers White
MPeeweeAMPA065:45 PMWGSC1 Erie North Shore Storm3-0Stoney Creek Warriors
MPeeweeAMPA076:00 PMWGSC4 St. Clair Shores Saints7-2Glancaster Bombers
Atom MDAMD066:15 PMBurford Brantford 99ers0-0Northumberland Nighthawks
MBantamMDMBM046:15 PMWGSC2 Burlington Bulldogs White0-2Vaughan Panthers
MPeeweeAMPA086:30 PMWGSC3 Flamborough-Dundas Sabres1-5Centre Wellington Fusion
Atom MDAMD076:45 PMStGeorge West London Hawks4-1Georgina Blaze
MBantamMDMBM056:45 PMWGSC1 Cambridge Hawks2-2Oakville Rangers
PeeweeAPA076:45 PMDavis Vaughan Panthers6-3Hespeler Shamrocks
MBantamMDMBM067:00 PMGurney Waterloo Wolves White1-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MMidMDMMM017:15 PMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeMDAMPM067:15 PMBurford Brantford 99ers0-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MMidMDMMM027:30 PMWGSC3 Barrie Colts1-2Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeMDPMD117:30 PMWGSC2 Parry Sound Shamrocks2-3Cambridge Hawks
Saturday, December 28, 2019
M Atom AMAA138:00 AMCivic Brantford 99ers4-3New Hamburg Huskies
MAtomMDMAM068:00 AMGurney Brantford 99ers0-3North London Nationals
MNovice3MN018:00 AMWGSC3 Stratford Warriors0-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
M Atom AMAA148:15 AMWGSC1 Glancaster Bombers2-5Cambridge Hawks
M Atom AMAA158:30 AMWGSC2 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets6-1Stoney Creek Warriors
MAtomMDMAM078:30 AMDavis Cambridge Hawks0-1London Bandits
MNovice3MN028:30 AMWGSC4 West London Hawks Black0-0Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeAPA088:45 AMStGeorge Hespeler Shamrocks2-2Burlington Eagles
Atom MDAMD089:00 AMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red4-2Georgina Blaze
M Atom AMAA169:00 AMCivic Burlington Eagles3-0Orillia Terriers
MPeeweeAMPA099:00 AMLions Flamborough-Dundas Sabres1-1Stoney Creek Warriors
MPeeweeAMPA109:00 AMBurford St. Clair Shores Saints1-5Brantford 99ers
Novice1N1079:00 AMWGSC3 West London Hawks0-0Brantford 99ers
PeeweeMDPMD129:15 AMWGSC1 Parry Sound Shamrocks3-2Stoney Creek Warriors Red
Atom MDAMD099:30 AMWGSC2 West London Hawks5-0Northumberland Nighthawks
M Atom AMAA179:30 AMDavis London Jr. Mustangs White5-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MNovice3MN039:30 AMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks0-0Brantford 99ers
Atom MDAMD1010:00 AMGurney Glancaster Bombers0-5Brantford 99ers
M Atom AMAA1810:00 AMCivic Sarnia Sting4-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MBantamAMBA0110:00 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers1-1Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeMDAMPM0710:00 AMLions Cambridge Hawks3-1Flamborough-Dundas Sabres
MPeeweeMDAMPM0810:00 AMBurford Brantford 99ers2-4London Bandits
Novice1N10810:15 AMWGSC3 North London Nationals0-0Cambridge Hawks Black
BantamMDBMD0110:30 AMWGSC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-0Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeMDAMPM0910:30 AMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-0West London Hawks
BantamMDBMD0210:45 AMWGSC2 Waterloo Wolves Black2-0Brampton 45's
Novice2N20110:45 AMWGSC4 West London Hawks0-0Cambridge Hawks Red
MPeeweeAMPA1111:00 AMLions Burlington Eagles0-0Erie North Shore Storm
PeeweeAPA0911:00 AMCivic Woolwich Wildcats6-1Brantford 99ers
Novice1N10911:15 AMWGSC3 Waterloo Wolves0-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeAPA1011:15 AMStGeorge Whitby Wildcats1-0Cambridge Hawks
MBantamMDMBM0711:45 AMGurney Centre Wellington Fusion0-5North London Nationals
MBantamMDMBM0811:45 AMBurford Brantford 99ers White3-1Burlington Bulldogs White
MPeeweeAMPA1211:45 AMWGSC1 Glancaster Bombers1-1Centre Wellington Fusion
Novice2N20211:45 AMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
BantamMDBMD0312:00 PMWGSC2 Sarnia Sting0-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
PeeweeMDPMD1312:00 PMLions Brantford 99ers4-4Clarington Toro's
M Atom AMAA1912:30 PMCivic Stoney Creek Warriors1-4Glancaster Bombers
MAtomMDMAM0812:30 PMDavis North London Nationals3-4London Bandits
MNovice3MN0412:30 PMWGSC3 Markham Waxers0-0West London Hawks Black
PeeweeMDPMD1412:45 PMWGSC1 Stoney Creek Warriors White0-2Strathroy Rockets
Atom MDAMD111:00 PMGurney Caledonia Thunder1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MBantamMDMBM091:00 PMStGeorge Brantford 99ers5-1Cambridge Hawks
MNovice3MN051:00 PMWGSC4 Waterloo Wolves0-0Stratford Warriors
PeeweeMDPMD151:00 PMBurford Caledonia Thunder6-1London Bandits Orange
MAtomMDMAM091:15 PMWGSC2 Cambridge Hawks1-6West London Hawks
M Atom AMAA201:30 PMDavis New Hamburg Huskies5-0Orillia Terriers
M Atom AMAA211:30 PMCivic Cambridge Hawks1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MPeeweeAMPA131:30 PMLions Brantford 99ers4-1Flamborough-Dundas Sabres
MNovice3MN062:00 PMWGSC4 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Cambridge Hawks
Novice1N1102:00 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks Black0-0Brantford 99ers
PeeweeAPA112:00 PMGurney Burlington Eagles1-2Vaughan Panthers
MBantamAMBA022:15 PMWGSC1 Syracuse Blazers1-4Brantford 99ers
MBantamAMBA032:15 PMWGSC2 St. Thomas Stars3-0Barrie Colts Blue
MBantamMDMBM102:15 PMStGeorge Vaughan Panthers4-0Waterloo Wolves White
PeeweeMDPMD162:15 PMBurford Stoney Creek Warriors Red2-4Waterloo Wolves
Atom MDAMD122:30 PMDavis Northumberland Nighthawks2-4Glancaster Bombers
Atom MDAMD132:30 PMCivic Brantford 99ers0-4West London Hawks
PeeweeMDPMD172:30 PMLions Cambridge Hawks4-1North London Nationals
Novice1N1113:00 PMWGSC3 Waterloo Wolves0-0North London Nationals
Novice2N2033:00 PMWGSC4 North London Nationals (MD2)0-0London Bandits
BantamMDBMD043:30 PMDavis Brantford 99ers0-5LPC Wild
BantamMDBMD053:30 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves White0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
M Atom AMAA223:30 PMGurney Sarnia Sting3-0Burlington Eagles
MBantamMDMBM113:30 PMBurford Burlington Bulldogs Red3-5Brampton 45's
MPeeweeAMPA143:30 PMWGSC1 Stoney Creek Warriors1-6St. Clair Shores Saints
MBantamMDMBM123:45 PMLions Oakville Rangers2-5Barrie Colts
MMidMDMMM033:45 PMCivic Barrie Colts3-1Brantford 99ers
PeeweeAPA124:00 PMWGSC2 Hespeler Shamrocks1-6Woolwich Wildcats
Novice1N1124:15 PMWGSC3 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0West London Hawks
M Atom AMAA234:30 PMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-3Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN074:30 PMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0Markham Waxers
M Atom AMAA244:45 PMWGSC1 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets3-0London Jr. Mustangs White
MMidMDMMM044:45 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves1-1Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeAMPA155:00 PMBurford Erie North Shore Storm5-2Glancaster Bombers
MPeeweeMDAMPM105:00 PMDavis West London Hawks1-6Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeMDAMPM115:00 PMCivic London Bandits5-0Flamborough-Dundas Sabres
PeeweeAPA135:00 PMLions Brantford 99ers3-1Whitby Wildcats
Atom MDAMD145:15 PMWGSC2 Georgina Blaze1-2Caledonia Thunder
MAtomMDMAM105:30 PMWGSC4 West London Hawks4-1Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeMDAMPM125:30 PMWGSC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-2Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeAMPA165:45 PMWGSC1 Centre Wellington Fusion4-3Burlington Eagles
MMidgAMMA016:15 PMStGeorge Innisfil Winterhawks0-5Brantford 99ers
PeeweeAPA146:15 PMBurford Vaughan Panthers4-6Cambridge Hawks
MBantamAMBA046:30 PMDavis Barrie Colts Blue5-0Syracuse Blazers
PeeweeMDPMD186:30 PMLions Brantford 99ers5-0Stoney Creek Warriors White
MBantamMDMBM136:45 PMWGSC1 Waterloo Wolves White6-1Burlington Bulldogs White
PeeweeMDPMD196:45 PMWGSC2 London Bandits Orange3-7Clarington Toro's
PeeweeMDPMD206:45 PMWGSC3 Strathroy Rockets1-3Caledonia Thunder
PeeweeMDPMD216:45 PMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks2-3Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeMDPMD226:45 PMCivic North London Nationals0-5Parry Sound Shamrocks
BantamMDBMD067:30 PMBurford Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-1Waterloo Wolves Black
BantamMDBMD077:45 PMStGeorge Brampton 45's3-3Sarnia Sting
MBantamAMBA057:45 PMDavis Cambridge Hawks3-1St. Thomas Stars
BantamMDBMD088:00 PMWGSC4 LPC Wild5-2Waterloo Wolves White
MBantamMDMBM148:00 PMWGSC1 Oakville Rangers3-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
MBantamMDMBM158:00 PMWGSC2 Cambridge Hawks3-1Brampton 45's
MBantamMDMBM168:00 PMWGSC3 Centre Wellington Fusion4-3Brantford 99ers White
MMidMDMMM059:00 PMDavis Waterloo Wolves5-2Brantford 99ers
MBantamMDMBM179:15 PMWGSC1 Barrie Colts2-2Brantford 99ers
MBantamMDMBM189:15 PMWGSC2 North London Nationals2-1Vaughan Panthers
MMidgAMMA029:15 PMWGSC3 Sarnia Sting2-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MMidMDMMM069:15 PMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks3-4Barrie Colts
Sunday, December 29, 2019
MNovice3MN088:00 AMWGSC3 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Brantford 99ers
MAtomAFMAA258:30 AMWGSC1 Burlington Eagles0-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MAtomAFMAA268:30 AMWGSC2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-3New Hamburg Huskies
MAtomAFMAA278:30 AMDavis Sarnia Sting0-3Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN098:30 AMWGSC4 Markham Waxers0-0Waterloo Wolves
BantamMDBMD099:00 AMBurford Waterloo Wolves Black1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MAtomAFMAA289:00 AMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue5-2London Jr. Mustangs White
MPeeweeMDFMPM139:00 AMCivic Brantford 99ers3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
PeeweeMDFPMD239:00 AMStGeorge Parry Sound Shamrocks2-4Clarington Toro's
Novice2N2049:15 AMWGSC3 North London Nationals (MD2)0-0Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN109:30 AMWGSC4 Stratford Warriors0-0Cambridge Hawks
MAtomMDFMAM119:45 AMWGSC2 North London Nationals0-5London Bandits
AtomMD F1AMD1510:00 AMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red5-1Caledonia Thunder
MPeeweeAFMPA1710:00 AMWGSC1 St. Clair Shores Saints1-4Brantford 99ers
MBantamMDMBM1910:15 AMBurford Brantford 99ers7-2Oakville Rangers
MPeeweeMDFMPM1410:15 AMCivic Cambridge Hawks1-4London Bandits
Novice2N20510:15 AMWGSC3 London Bandits0-0West London Hawks
AtomMD F1AMD1610:30 AMGurney Brantford 99ers0-3West London Hawks
PeeweeMDFPMD2410:30 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers2-3Cambridge Hawks
Novice2N20610:45 AMWGSC4 Kitchener Jr. Rangers White0-0Cambridge Hawks Red
MPeeweeAFMPA1811:00 AMWGSC2 Erie North Shore Storm0-3Centre Wellington Fusion
BantamMDBMD1011:15 AMWGSC1 LPC Wild6-1Sarnia Sting
MBantamMDMBM2011:15 AMDavis Burlington Bulldogs Red1-5Cambridge Hawks
MBantamMDMBM2111:30 AMBurford Brantford 99ers White1-4Waterloo Wolves White
Novice1N11311:30 AMWGSC3 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Brantford 99ers
MBantamAMBA0611:45 AMCivic Brantford 99ers5-1Barrie Colts Blue
MBantamMDMBM2211:45 AMGurney Burlington Bulldogs White1-4North London Nationals
MNovice3MN1112:00 PMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0West London Hawks Black
PeeweeAFPA1512:00 PMStGeorge Cambridge Hawks3-4Woolwich Wildcats
MBantamMDMBM2312:15 PMWGSC2 Vaughan Panthers4-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MBantamMDMBM2412:30 PMWGSC1 Brampton 45's1-2Barrie Colts
MMidgAMMA0312:30 PMDavis Sarnia Sting0-5Brantford 99ers
MBantamAMBA0712:45 PMBurford Syracuse Blazers0-2St. Thomas Stars
Novice1N11412:45 PMWGSC3 West London Hawks0-0North London Nationals
MNovice3MN121:00 PMWGSC4 Waterloo Wolves0-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
BantamMDBMD111:15 PMCivic Brampton 45's2-2Brantford 99ers
MAtomAFMAA291:15 PMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue0-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeAFPA161:30 PMStGeorge Brantford 99ers0-2Whitby Wildcats
MAtomAFMAA301:45 PMDavis New Hamburg Huskies3-1Brantford 99ers
MMidgAMMA041:45 PMWGSC2 Oshawa Minor Generals3-4Innisfil Winterhawks
BantamMDBMD122:00 PMBurford Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue4-0Waterloo Wolves White
MAtomMDFMAM122:00 PMWGSC1 London Bandits1-6West London Hawks
Novice1N1152:00 PMWGSC3 Waterloo Wolves0-0Cambridge Hawks Black
MNovice3MN132:30 PMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks0-0Markham Waxers
MMidMDFMMM072:45 PMGurney Cambridge Hawks2-3Barrie Colts
MMidMDFMMM083:00 PMDavis Brantford 99ers3-5Waterloo Wolves
MPeeweeAFMPA193:15 PMWGSC2 Centre Wellington Fusion0-2Brantford 99ers
Novice2N2073:15 PMWGSC3 West London Hawks0-0North London Nationals (MD2)
PeeweeMDFPMD253:15 PMStGeorge Cambridge Hawks5-4Waterloo Wolves
BantamMDBMD133:30 PMBurford Sarnia Sting1-6Waterloo Wolves Black
Novice2N2083:30 PMWGSC4 London Bandits0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
AtomMD F1AMD173:45 PMWGSC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-2West London Hawks
MBantamAMBA084:15 PMGurney Barrie Colts Blue0-5Cambridge Hawks
Novice2N2094:15 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks Red0-0Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN144:45 PMWGSC4 West London Hawks Black0-0Stratford Warriors
PeeweeMDFPMD264:45 PMStGeorge Clarington Toro's2-6Caledonia Thunder
MBantamAMBA095:00 PMDavis St. Thomas Stars5-1Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeMDFMPM155:00 PMWGSC2 Brantford 99ers2-4London Bandits
MBantamMDFMBM255:30 PMWGSC3 Brampton 45's1-4North London Nationals
PeeweeAFPA175:45 PMWGSC1 Whitby Wildcats0-1Woolwich Wildcats
MBantamMDFMBM266:00 PMWGSC4 Cambridge Hawks0-4Barrie Colts
MMidgAMMA056:00 PMGurney Innisfil Winterhawks2-5Sarnia Sting
MMidgAMMA066:15 PMDavis Brantford 99ers2-0Oshawa Minor Generals
BantamMDBMD146:45 PMWGSC2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-0LPC Wild
MBantamMDFMBM277:00 PMWGSC3 Oakville Rangers3-0Brantford 99ers
BantamMDBMD157:15 PMGurney Brantford 99ers2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MBantamMDFMBM287:30 PMWGSC4 Waterloo Wolves White2-3Vaughan Panthers
MMidMDFMMM097:30 PMWGSC1 Barrie Colts5-2Waterloo Wolves
BantamMDBMD168:00 PMWGSC2 Waterloo Wolves White3-3Brampton 45's
MBantamAMBA108:30 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks1-2Syracuse Blazers
Monday, December 30, 2019
MNovice3MN158:30 AMWGSC4 Stratford Warriors0-0Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN168:45 AMWGSC3 Waterloo Wolves0-0Cambridge Hawks
MBantamAFMBA119:00 AMWGSC1 Brantford 99ers4-1Cambridge Hawks
MBantamMDFMBM299:00 AMCivic Oakville Rangers2-3North London Nationals
MBantamMDFMBM309:00 AMLions Vaughan Panthers0-5Barrie Colts
MMidgAFMMA079:00 AMWGSC2 Innisfil Winterhawks0-1Sarnia Sting
MNovice3MN179:30 AMWGSC4 West London Hawks Black0-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
Novice2N2109:45 AMWGSC3 North London Nationals (MD2)0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
BantamMDFBMD1710:30 AMCivic Waterloo Wolves Black2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
BantamMDFBMD1810:30 AMLions LPC Wild5-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MMidgAFMMA0810:30 AMWGSC2 Oshawa Minor Generals1-2Brantford 99ers
MAtomAFMAA3110:45 AMWGSC1 New Hamburg Huskies4-3Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
Novice2N21110:45 AMWGSC4 London Bandits0-0Cambridge Hawks Red
Novice2N21211:00 AMWGSC3 West London Hawks0-0Brantford 99ers
MNovice3MN1812:15 PMWGSC3 Markham Waxers0-0Stratford Warriors
PeeweeMDFPMD2712:15 PMWGSC1 Cambridge Hawks4-1Caledonia Thunder
MBantamMDFMBM3112:45 PMWGSC2 Barrie Colts3-0North London Nationals
MNovice3MN1912:45 PMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0Waterloo Wolves
MNovice3MN201:30 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks0-0West London Hawks Black
MBantamAFMBA121:45 PMWGSC1 Brantford 99ers0-3St. Thomas Stars
MMidgAFMMA092:30 PMWGSC2 Sarnia Sting0-1Brantford 99ers
Novice2N2132:30 PMWGSC3 Cambridge Hawks Red0-0North London Nationals (MD2)
Novice2N2142:45 PMWGSC4 Brantford 99ers0-0London Bandits
BantamMDFBMD193:30 PMWGSC1 LPC Wild1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
Novice2N2153:45 PMWGSC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers White0-0West London Hawks
MNovice3MN214:00 PMWGSC4 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Markham Waxers
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