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Aug 14, 2016 | Nathan Herrington | 987 views
Ice Time / Skill Development

One problem that our Coaches have today is a lack of ice time to accomplish what's needed and to feel fully prepared and productive with their players. Consider what our group can do to maximize our ice time and take advantage of every opportunity to develop talent.

If our players are given two practices per week to both prepare for game play and also develop individually you have to believe that this is not enough for those that wish to take their skill and ability to the next level. The concept of shared ice time can provide your club with a potential extra ice session essentially during every week of your calendar.

For example, If the 'MD' teams Coach is planning their month and notices that the 'A' teams schedule provides opportunities for each club to take advantage of a shared session then each team will immediately acquire two extra skates that month. Good planning and communication between each Coach can easily accomplish this. This ice time can be dedicated to skill development through the use of stations, split ice, and even multiple small area games. Make use of as many nets as you can through our rink attendants and brainstorm as many options as possible to provide your players with specific skill work.

Some of our older groups may think to use this concept to apply a systems or structure practice. Our PP will execute against your PK and vice versa. This gives each Coach an excellent chance to see their teams execute in a controlled game situation while having the power to stop the play at any time to correct and instruct.

Consider how many teams you as a Coach could be in touch with to discuss the potential of this with each other. There may be up to 5 or 6 clubs that are in the same ball park as yourselves when it comes to the skill level and physical abilities of your players.  

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