Midget, Divisions, Walter Gretzky House League Tournament, 2016-2017 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 6, 2017
Midget 1B2110:10 AMStGeorge Waterloo Canadian Tire 7-0Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
Midget 1C2410:35 AMDavis Kitchener Redmen 7-2Oakridge Aeros A9
Midget 1A2610:50 AMCivic Oakridge Aeros B9 6-2Brantford 99ers 1 Apogee Ceramics
Midget 1A3011:25 AMLions Port Credit Storm 2-4Powassan Hawks
Midget 1C663:20 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Redmen 2-2Innisfil Winterhawks 1 Major
Midget 1B724:20 PMWGSC #2 Waterloo Canadian Tire 7-0Kingsville Kings
Midget 1C744:35 PMWGSC #4 Oakridge Aeros A9 7-3SEMHA Midget B2
Midget 1B765:00 PMWGSC #1 Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 1-3Kemptville Panthers
Midget 2A978:10 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Cowboys 2-3New Hamburg Huskies
Midget 1A998:15 PMStGeorge Powassan Hawks 6-0Brantford 99ers 1 Apogee Ceramics
Midget 2B1008:20 PMWGSC #3 Nobleton Knights 5-1Kitchener Cyclones
Midget 1A1018:40 PMWGSC #2 Port Credit Storm 3-1Oakridge Aeros B9
Midget 1C1029:05 PMBurford Innisfil Winterhawks 1 Major 5-2SEMHA Midget B2
Midget 2A1039:25 PMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers 2 Scissor Over Comb4-1Innisfil Winterhawks Minor
Midget 2B1049:30 PMWGSC #3 Barrie Colts 2-3Kingsville Kings (Hickmott)
Midget 1B1079:35 PMStGeorge Kingsville Kings 3-3Kemptville Panthers
Saturday, January 7, 2017
Midget 2B1554:05 PMWGSC #1 Kingsville Kings (Hickmott) 1-2Kitchener Cyclones
Midget 2A1584:20 PMWGSC #2 Innisfil Winterhawks Minor 2-0Kitchener Cowboys
Midget 1C1594:40 PMCivic SEMHA Midget B2 1-8Kitchener Redmen
Midget 1C1604:50 PMLions Oakridge Aeros A9 3-3Innisfil Winterhawks 1 Major
Midget 1A1615:20 PMWGSC #1 Powassan Hawks 3-2Oakridge Aeros B9
Midget 1B1625:25 PMWGSC #4 Kemptville Panthers 0-6Waterloo Canadian Tire
Midget 1B1635:30 PMWGSC #3 Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 0-6Kingsville Kings
Midget 1A1645:35 PMWGSC #2 Brantford 99ers 1 Apogee Ceramics2-4Port Credit Storm
Midget 2A1666:05 PMLions New Hamburg Huskies 4-5Brantford 99ers 2 Scissor Over Comb
Midget 2B1686:40 PMWGSC #4 Barrie Colts 2-4Nobleton Knights
Midget 2B1799:40 PMCivic Kitchener Cyclones 2-2Barrie Colts
MgtPoff 1180- 1/4 Final #19:45 PMWGSC #1 Kingsville Kings 2-6Kitchener Redmen
MgtPoff 1181 - 1/4 Final #29:45 PMWGSC #2 Port Credit Storm 3-1Innisfil Winterhawks 1 Major
Midget 2A1829:45 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Cowboys 1-6Brantford 99ers 2 Scissor Over Comb
Midget 2A1839:45 PMLions Innisfil Winterhawks Minor 1-3New Hamburg Huskies
Midget 2B1849:50 PMWGSC #4 Kingsville Kings (Hickmott) 0-1Nobleton Knights
Sunday, January 8, 2017
MgtPoff 2197 - Semi-Final #112:10 PMWGSC #1 Kitchener Cyclones 4-6Brantford 99ers 2 Scissor Over Comb
MgtPoff 2198 - Semi-Final #212:10 PMWGSC #3 New Hamburg Huskies 5-2Nobleton Knights
MgtPoff 1199 - Semi-Final #112:35 PMWGSC #2 Port Credit Storm 0-3Waterloo Canadian Tire
MgtPoff 1200 - Semi-Final #212:40 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Redmen 2-0Powassan Hawks
MgtPoff 2209 - Championship Final4:30 PMWGSC #1 New Hamburg Huskies 1-4Brantford 99ers 2 Scissor Over Comb
MgtPoff 1211 - Championship Final 4:45 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Redmen 2-4Waterloo Canadian Tire
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Davis - Brant Sports Complex - Davis, 944 Powerline Road, Paris, ON. Phone: 519-442-1944
  • Civic - Brantford and District Civic Centre, 69 Market St. South, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-752-6541
  • Burford - Burford Community Centre, 14 Potter Drive, Burford, ON. Phone: 519-449-5611
  • Lions - Lions Park Arena, 20 Edge Street, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-759-6120
  • StGeorge - South Dumfries Comunity Centre - St. George, 7 Gaukel Drive, , St. George, ON. Phone: 519-448-1831
  • WGSC #1 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #1, 254 North Park Street, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-756-9900
  • WGSC #2 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #2, 254 North Park Street, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-756-9900
  • WGSC #3 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #3, 254 North Park Street, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-756-9900
  • WGSC #4 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #4, 254 North Park Street, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-756-9900

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