Schedule & Results, Wayne Gretzky International Hockey Tournament, 2016-2017 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
M AtomMD6018:15 AMWGC1 Oakridge Aeros1-5Cambridge Hawks
M AtomMD6028:15 AMWGC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-4North London Nationals
M AtomMD6038:15 AMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue5-1Brantford 99ers
Novice212018:30 AMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers White1-5Burlington Bulldogs
M AtomMD6048:30 AMWGC2 Waterloo Wolves White1-5Barrie Colts
M AtomMD6058:30 AMWGC4 Hamilton Huskies5-1Northumberland Nighthawks
Novice212028:45 AMCivic Stoney Creek Warriors1-2St. Thomas Jr. Stars
Novice212038:45 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue5-0Cambridge Hawks
Novice212048:45 AMBurford Waterloo Wolves Black2-4London Bandits
Novice212058:45 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers4-5Sarnia Sting
Novice212069:15 AMWGC3 Halton Hills Thunder0-0Guelph Gryphons
M Atom A5019:15 AMWGC1 Guelph Gryphons1-1London Jr. Mustangs White
M Atom A5029:15 AMGurney Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets1-1Barrie Colts
Novice111019:30 AMWGC2 Waterloo Wolves3-3Cambridge Hawks
M Atom A5039:30 AMWGC4 Glanbrook Rangers3-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
M Atom A5049:30 AMDavis Brantford 99ers1-1Brampton 45's
Novice313019:45 AMCivic Brantford 99ers5-0Ingersoll Express
Novice313029:45 AMStGeorge West London Hawks2-3Hamilton Huskies White
Atom MD2019:45 AMBurford West London Hawks2-1Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeA9019:45 AMLions Ajax Knights1-5Brantford 99ers
Novice1110210:15 AMGurney Brantford 99ers7-5Belle River Jr. Canadiens
Novice3130310:15 AMWGC3 Meadowvale Hawks1-6Stratford Warriors
MPeeweeA90210:15 AMWGC1 Welland Tigers1-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeMD150110:30 AMDavis Oswego Buccaneers1-6Simcoe Warriors
Atom MD20210:30 AMWGC4 Burlington Bulldogs0-5Oakville Rangers
MPeeweeA90310:30 AMWGC2 London Jr. Mustangs Purple1-3Halton Hills Thunder
PeeweeMD150210:45 AMCivic Stoney Creek Warriors1-6London Bandits
PeeweeMD150310:45 AMLions West London Hawks4-1Flamborough Sabres
PeeweeMD150410:45 AMBurford Cambridge Hawks5-1Paris Wolfpack
M Atom A50510:45 AMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves2-4Milton Winterhawks
Atom A10111:15 AMWGC3 Clarence Mustangs3-0Burlington Bulldogs
Atom A10211:15 AMGurney Brantford 99ers1-3Barrie Colts
Novice1110311:15 AMWGC1 Stratford Warriors5-0Oakville Rangers
Novice1110411:30 AMWGC4 LPC Wild4-4Guelph Gryphons
MPeeweeA90411:30 AMWGC2 Cambridge Hawks4-2Stoney Creek Warriors
MPeeweeMD100111:45 AMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-0Hamilton Huskies Red
PeeweeMD150511:45 AMDavis Oakridge Aeros6-3Lambeth Lancers
MPeeweeMD100212:00 PMLions Brantford 99ers2-1Ancaster Avalanche
Atom MD20312:00 PMCivic Kitchener Jr. Rangers7-2Sarnia Sting
Atom MD20412:00 PMBurford Simcoe Warriors2-1Hamilton Huskies Red
Atom MD20512:15 PMWGC1 Oswego Buccaneers2-1Caledonia Thunder
Atom MD20612:15 PMWGC3 Perinton Blades0-5Cambridge Hawks
Atom MD20712:15 PMGurney Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets1-4Halton Hills Thunder
Atom MD20812:30 PMWGC2 Orangeville Flyers7-2Glanbrook Rangers
MPeeweeMD100312:45 PMWGC4 Halton Hills Thunder1-1Centre Wellington Fusion
MPeeweeMD100412:45 PMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue5-0Stoney Creek Warriors
MPeeweeMD10051:00 PMBurford Caledon Hawks0-4Waterloo Wolves
M AtomMD6061:00 PMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red4-0Waterloo Wolves Black
M AtomMD6071:00 PMCivic Brantford 99ers4-7Barrie Colts
Novice212071:15 PMWGC1 Burlington Bulldogs1-3Halton Hills Thunder
Novice212081:15 PMWGC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue6-1St. Thomas Jr. Stars
Novice212091:15 PMGurney Cambridge Hawks3-4Waterloo Wolves Black
Novice212101:30 PMWGC2 Sarnia Sting2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
MPeeweeMD10061:45 PMStGeorge Milton Winterhawks2-0Stratford Warriors
Novice212111:45 PMWGC4 London Bandits5-0Stoney Creek Warriors
M Atom A5062:00 PMCivic Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-1New Hamburg Huskies
M AtomMD6082:00 PMDavis North London Nationals3-3Oakridge Aeros
Novice111052:15 PMLions Belle River Jr. Canadiens4-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
Novice111062:15 PMBurford Cambridge Hawks3-1Milton Winterhawks
Novice212122:15 PMGurney Brantford 99ers5-3Guelph Gryphons
Novice313042:15 PMWGC1 Stratford Warriors5-0Guelph Gryphons
Novice313052:15 PMWGC3 Sarnia Sting4-1North London Nationals
Novice313062:30 PMWGC2 Hamilton Huskies White2-5Meadowvale Hawks
Novice313073:00 PMWGC4 Ingersoll Express1-6West London Hawks
Atom A1033:15 PMWGC3 Guelph Gryphons1-3Clarence Mustangs
PeeweeMD15063:15 PMDavis Tonawanda Lightning1-5Hamilton Huskies White
PeeweeMD15073:15 PMCivic London Bandits5-5Cambridge Hawks
PeeweeMD15083:15 PMLions Simcoe Warriors5-0Stoney Creek Warriors
PeeweeMD15093:15 PMBurford Brantford 99ers7-2Flamborough Sabres
PeeweeMD15103:15 PMStGeorge Oshawa Minor Generals1-5West London Hawks
MPeeweeA9053:15 PMGurney Hamilton Huskies6-2Welland Tigers
M AtomMD6093:30 PMWGC1 Hamilton Huskies5-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MBantamMD8013:45 PMWGC2 Brantford 99ers1-3Hamilton Huskies White
MPeeweeA9064:00 PMWGC4 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets3-0London Jr. Mustangs Purple
Atom A1044:30 PMBurford Burlington Bulldogs1-4Brantford 99ers
PeeweeMD15114:30 PMStGeorge Paris Wolfpack6-3Oakridge Aeros
Atom MD2094:30 PMGurney Sarnia Sting3-4West London Hawks
Atom MD2104:30 PMCivic Brantford 99ers6-1Oswego Buccaneers
Atom MD2114:30 PMLions Oakville Rangers4-1Perinton Blades
M Atom A5074:30 PMWGC3 Barrie Colts0-2Waterloo Wolves
M Atom A5084:30 PMDavis Glanbrook Rangers8-3Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeA9074:30 PMWGC1 Stoney Creek Warriors5-0Ajax Knights
M Atom A5095:00 PMWGC4 Brampton 45's1-3London Jr. Mustangs White
MPeeweeA9085:00 PMWGC2 Halton Hills Thunder5-1Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeMD10075:30 PMWGC1 Ancaster Avalanche0-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MPeeweeMD10085:30 PMCivic Hamilton Huskies Red4-0Halton Hills Thunder
Novice111075:30 PMLions Guelph Gryphons1-3Brantford 99ers
Atom MD2125:30 PMWGC3 Halton Hills Thunder4-3Burlington Bulldogs
Atom MD2135:30 PMGurney Hamilton Huskies Red0-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
Atom MD2145:30 PMDavis Cambridge Hawks1-3Simcoe Warriors
M AtomMD6105:30 PMBurford Northumberland Nighthawks5-0Waterloo Wolves White
M AtomMD6115:45 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves Black3-4Cambridge Hawks
Novice111086:00 PMWGC2 Oakville Rangers3-8Waterloo Wolves
Atom MD2156:00 PMWGC4 Glanbrook Rangers0-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MPeeweeMD10096:30 PMWGC3 Stoney Creek Warriors2-5Milton Winterhawks
Novice111096:30 PMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red5-0LPC Wild
Novice313086:30 PMCivic North London Nationals1-2Brantford 99ers
Novice313096:30 PMLions Guelph Gryphons0-5Sarnia Sting
Atom MD2166:30 PMGurney Caledonia Thunder1-6Orangeville Flyers
M Atom A5106:30 PMWGC1 New Hamburg Huskies0-1Milton Winterhawks
MBantamMD8026:30 PMBurford West London Hawks6-2Ancaster Avalanche
M Atom A5116:45 PMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers8-3Guelph Gryphons
Novice111107:00 PMWGC2 Milton Winterhawks2-2Stratford Warriors
Atom A1057:15 PMWGC4 Barrie Colts6-1Guelph Gryphons
MPeeweeMD10107:30 PMCivic Stratford Warriors0-5Caledon Hawks
MPeeweeMD10117:30 PMLions Brantford 99ers1-5Centre Wellington Fusion
PeeweeMD15127:30 PMWGC3 Lambeth Lancers0-5Oswego Buccaneers
PeeweeMD15137:30 PMGurney Brantford 99ers6-1Tonawanda Lightning
BantamA3017:30 PMWGC1 Brantford 99ers2-4Frisk Asker Norway
MPeeweeA9097:30 PMDavis Brantford 99ers3-1Hamilton Huskies
PeeweeMD15147:45 PMStGeorge Hamilton Huskies White2-3Oshawa Minor Generals
MBantamMD8037:45 PMBurford Cambridge Hawks3-1North London Nationals
MBantamMD8048:15 PMWGC4 Hamilton Huskies Red8-6Halton Hills Thunder
MBantamMD8058:15 PMWGC2 Brampton Bulldogs3-5Brantford 99ers
MPeeweeMD10128:30 PMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-3Waterloo Wolves
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Novice212137:30 AMGurney Stoney Creek Warriors0-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
Novice313107:30 AMWGC3 Guelph Gryphons1-2North London Nationals
Novice313117:30 AMWGC4 West London Hawks1-2Meadowvale Hawks
Novice313127:30 AMCivic Sarnia Sting3-2Brantford 99ers
M AtomMD6127:30 AMWGC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue2-5Northumberland Nighthawks
M AtomMD6137:30 AMDavis Oakridge Aeros0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
M AtomMD6147:30 AMLions Cambridge Hawks0-2North London Nationals
M AtomMD6157:30 AMBurford Barrie Colts1-2Hamilton Huskies
M AtomMD6167:30 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers1-3Waterloo Wolves White
Novice313137:45 AMWGC2 Hamilton Huskies White3-5Stratford Warriors
Novice111118:00 AMCamb1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-4Brantford 99ers
Novice111128:30 AMGurney Oakville Rangers6-1Milton Winterhawks
Novice212148:30 AMWGC3 Guelph Gryphons1-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
Novice212158:30 AMWGC4 Cambridge Hawks0-5London Bandits
Novice212168:30 AMLions Halton Hills Thunder3-1Brantford 99ers
M Atom A5128:30 AMWGC1 London Jr. Mustangs White1-5Glanbrook Rangers
M Atom A5138:30 AMDavis Brantford 99ers1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
M Atom A5148:30 AMCivic Milton Winterhawks2-2Barrie Colts
M Atom A5158:30 AMBurford Waterloo Wolves1-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
M Atom A5168:30 AMStGeorge Brampton 45's0-5Guelph Gryphons
Novice212178:45 AMWGC2 Sarnia Sting0-3Burlington Bulldogs
Atom MD2179:00 AMCamb1 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-3Cambridge Hawks
Novice111139:30 AMWGC4 LPC Wild2-6Belle River Jr. Canadiens
Novice111149:30 AMGurney Stratford Warriors4-5Cambridge Hawks
Peewee A14019:30 AMDavis Glanbrook Rangers3-1Burlington Bulldogs
Atom MD2189:30 AMWGC1 Perinton Blades2-3Halton Hills Thunder
Atom MD2199:30 AMWGC3 Simcoe Warriors1-3Oakville Rangers
Atom MD2209:30 AMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers5-0Caledonia Thunder
MPeeweeA9109:30 AMCivic Welland Tigers0-2London Jr. Mustangs Purple
MPeeweeA9119:30 AMLions Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets3-0Halton Hills Thunder
MPeeweeA9129:30 AMBurford Cambridge Hawks6-1Ajax Knights
Atom MD2219:45 AMWGC2 West London Hawks5-1Glanbrook Rangers
MPeeweeA91310:00 AMCamb1 Stoney Creek Warriors1-2Brantford 99ers
Atom A10610:30 AMCamb2 Brantford 99ers1-4Clarence Mustangs
Peewee A140210:30 AMStGeorge Columbus Blue Jackets5-1Burlington Eagles
PeeweeMD151610:30 AMWGC3 Simcoe Warriors3-6Oakridge Aeros
PeeweeMD151710:30 AMCivic Lambeth Lancers0-5Cambridge Hawks
PeeweeMD151810:30 AMLions London Bandits2-3Oswego Buccaneers
PeeweeMD151910:30 AMBurford Paris Wolfpack7-2Stoney Creek Warriors
Atom MD22210:30 AMWGC1 Burlington Bulldogs2-4Hamilton Huskies Red
Atom MD22310:30 AMWGC4 Oswego Buccaneers3-4Sarnia Sting
MBantam A70110:30 AMGurney Brantford 99ers4-2Glanbrook Rangers
Atom A10710:45 AMWGC2 Barrie Colts5-0Burlington Bulldogs
PeeweeMD152010:45 AMDavis Flamborough Sabres6-5Tonawanda Lightning
Atom MD22411:00 AMCamb1 Orangeville Flyers0-3Brantford 99ers
BantamA30211:30 AMWGC1 Brantford 99ers1-5Tappara Finland White
M AtomMD61711:30 AMWGC4 North London Nationals1-1Waterloo Wolves Black
MBantamMD80611:30 AMCamb2 Brampton Bulldogs1-1Hamilton Huskies White
Novice3131411:45 AMGurney Ingersoll Express2-7Hamilton Huskies White
Peewee A140311:45 AMBurford Brantford 99ers1-2Hespeler Shamrocks
PeeweeMD152111:45 AMLions Hamilton Huskies White1-6West London Hawks
BantamA30311:45 AMWGC2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-5Frisk Asker Norway
BantamA30411:45 AMWGC3 Osteraker Sweden Vikings5-0Burlington Bulldogs
M AtomMD61811:45 AMCivic Northumberland Nighthawks3-3Brantford 99ers
MBantam A70211:45 AMStGeorge Hamilton Huskies1-4Stittsville Rams
MPeeweeMD101312:00 PMDavis Waterloo Wolves6-2Milton Winterhawks
MPeeweeMD101412:00 PMCamb1 Centre Wellington Fusion2-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
M AtomMD61912:30 PMWGC4 Barrie Colts1-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
Novice2121812:45 PMCamb2 St. Thomas Jr. Stars1-2Cambridge Hawks
Novice3131512:45 PMGurney Meadowvale Hawks2-1Guelph Gryphons
BantamA30512:45 PMWGC1 Tappara Finland Blue5-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars
M AtomMD62012:45 PMCivic Waterloo Wolves White0-5Hamilton Huskies
Novice212191:00 PMStGeorge Guelph Gryphons1-4Sarnia Sting
Novice212201:00 PMCamb1 Burlington Bulldogs3-3Brantford 99ers
Novice313161:00 PMDavis Brantford 99ers2-2West London Hawks
BantamMD4011:00 PMWGC2 Hamilton Huskies Red2-1Paris Wolfpack
BantamMD4021:00 PMWGC3 Brantford 99ers1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
M Atom A5171:00 PMLions Barrie Colts2-2New Hamburg Huskies
Novice111151:15 PMBurford Guelph Gryphons0-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MPeeweeMD10151:30 PMWGC4 Ancaster Avalanche1-2Hamilton Huskies Red
MPeeweeMD10161:45 PMGurney Halton Hills Thunder0-3Brantford 99ers
Novice212211:45 PMCamb2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers White0-2Halton Hills Thunder
MPeeweeMD10172:00 PMDavis Caledon Hawks1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MPeeweeMD10182:00 PMCivic Stoney Creek Warriors3-5Stratford Warriors
Novice212222:00 PMStGeorge London Bandits1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
BantamMD4032:00 PMWGC1 Waterloo Wolves Black3-1Oswego Buccaneers
M Atom A5182:00 PMLions London Jr. Mustangs White6-2Brantford 99ers
MBantam A7032:00 PMCamb1 Metro Jr. Jets1-3London Jr. Mustangs Purple
Novice111162:15 PMBurford Milton Winterhawks1-6Waterloo Wolves
Novice212232:15 PMWGC2 Waterloo Wolves Black6-1Stoney Creek Warriors
Novice313172:15 PMWGC3 Stratford Warriors2-4Sarnia Sting
MBantam A7042:45 PMCamb2 Quinte West Hawks0-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MPeeweeA9142:45 PMWGC4 Hamilton Huskies2-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeMD15223:00 PMGurney Cambridge Hawks6-1Simcoe Warriors
PeeweeMD15233:00 PMStGeorge Oshawa Minor Generals4-3Brantford 99ers
M Atom A5193:00 PMCivic Kitchener Jr. Rangers5-0Brampton 45's
MPeeweeA9153:00 PMDavis London Jr. Mustangs Purple1-3Cambridge Hawks
M Atom A5203:15 PMBurford Guelph Gryphons0-5Glanbrook Rangers
M AtomMD6213:15 PMWGC3 Cambridge Hawks3-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MBantamMD8103:15 PMCamb1 Hamilton Huskies Red1-3Cambridge Hawks
MPeeweeA9163:15 PMWGC1 Halton Hills Thunder2-5Stoney Creek Warriors
Atom A1083:30 PMWGC2 Burlington Bulldogs0-1Guelph Gryphons
MPeeweeA9173:30 PMLions Brantford 99ers3-0Welland Tigers
MBantamMD8073:45 PMWGC4 Brantford 99ers4-2West London Hawks
Peewee A14044:00 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs1-3Columbus Blue Jackets
M AtomMD6224:00 PMDavis Waterloo Wolves Black1-3Oakridge Aeros
MBantam A7054:00 PMCamb2 Columbus Blue Jackets0-5Brantford 99ers
Novice111174:15 PMBurford Brantford 99ers2-1LPC Wild
M Atom A5214:15 PMWGC1 Milton Winterhawks1-4Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MBantamMD8084:15 PMGurney Hamilton Huskies White1-0North London Nationals
Atom A1094:30 PMLions Clarence Mustangs1-3Barrie Colts
Novice313184:30 PMStGeorge North London Nationals5-0Ingersoll Express
MBantamMD8094:30 PMWGC2 Halton Hills Thunder6-5Ancaster Avalanche
Atom MD2324:45 PMWGC3 Caledonia Thunder1-6West London Hawks
Peewee A14055:00 PMDavis Hespeler Shamrocks0-4Glanbrook Rangers
Atom MD2255:00 PMWGC4 Sarnia Sting5-0Orangeville Flyers
Novice111185:15 PMWGC1 Cambridge Hawks1-2Oakville Rangers
Atom MD2265:15 PMCivic Glanbrook Rangers1-2Oswego Buccaneers
M Atom A5225:15 PMCamb2 New Hamburg Huskies1-1Waterloo Wolves
MPeeweeMD10195:30 PMStGeorge Centre Wellington Fusion3-1Ancaster Avalanche
Atom MD2275:30 PMGurney Halton Hills Thunder2-3Simcoe Warriors
Atom MD2285:30 PMLions Cambridge Hawks3-0Burlington Bulldogs
Atom MD2295:30 PMBurford Brantford 99ers3-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
Atom MD2305:45 PMWGC2 Hamilton Huskies Red4-5Perinton Blades
Atom MD2315:45 PMWGC3 Oakville Rangers4-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPeeweeMD10206:00 PMWGC4 Stratford Warriors0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MPeeweeMD10216:00 PMCamb1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red7-2Halton Hills Thunder
MPeeweeMD10236:15 PMCamb2 Hamilton Huskies Red2-2Brantford 99ers
Novice212246:15 PMCivic St. Thomas Jr. Stars2-6Waterloo Wolves Black
PeeweeMD15256:15 PMDavis Oakridge Aeros1-6London Bandits
MPeeweeMD10226:30 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves5-0Stoney Creek Warriors
Novice111196:30 PMLions Waterloo Wolves3-2Stratford Warriors
Peewee A14066:30 PMGurney Brantford 99ers4-4Burlington Eagles
BantamA3066:30 PMWGC1 Burlington Bulldogs1-1Brantford 99ers
MBantam A7066:30 PMBurford Glanbrook Rangers1-2Metro Jr. Jets
Novice111206:45 PMWGC2 Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-1Guelph Gryphons
MPeeweeA9187:00 PMWGC4 Ajax Knights0-4Hamilton Huskies
Atom A1107:30 PMStGeorge Guelph Gryphons2-7Brantford 99ers
PeeweeMD15267:30 PMCivic Tonawanda Lightning4-5Oshawa Minor Generals
PeeweeMD15277:30 PMLions West London Hawks7-3Brantford 99ers
MBantam A7077:30 PMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-2Hamilton Huskies
PeeweeMD15287:45 PMWGC3 Stoney Creek Warriors3-6Lambeth Lancers
PeeweeMD15297:45 PMGurney Flamborough Sabres2-6Hamilton Huskies White
BantamA3077:45 PMWGC1 Frisk Asker Norway3-4Tappara Finland Blue
BantamA3087:45 PMWGC2 Tappara Finland White2-2Osteraker Sweden Vikings
MBantam A7087:45 PMBurford London Jr. Mustangs Purple0-2Quinte West Hawks
MPeeweeMD10248:00 PMWGC4 Milton Winterhawks3-5Caledon Hawks
MBantam A7098:30 PMStGeorge Stittsville Rams6-1Columbus Blue Jackets
PeeweeMD15308:45 PMCivic Oswego Buccaneers0-5Paris Wolfpack
BantamMD4068:45 PMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red5-3Hamilton Huskies Red
MBantamMD8128:45 PMLions Cambridge Hawks6-1Brampton Bulldogs
BantamA3099:00 PMWGC2 St. Thomas Jr. Stars1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BantamMD4049:00 PMWGC1 Brantford 99ers2-4Oswego Buccaneers
BantamMD4059:00 PMWGC3 Paris Wolfpack1-6Waterloo Wolves Black
MBantamMD8119:00 PMWGC4 Ancaster Avalanche5-4Brantford 99ers
MBantamMD8139:00 PMGurney North London Nationals4-0Halton Hills Thunder
MBantamMD8149:00 PMBurford West London Hawks2-4Hamilton Huskies Red
Thursday, December 29, 2016
AtomAF1118:30 AMWGC1 Brantford 99ers1-3Clarence Mustangs
Novice1F11218:30 AMGurney Oakville Rangers1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
Novice1F11228:30 AMDavis Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-4Cambridge Hawks
Novice3F13198:30 AMCivic Hamilton Huskies White2-4Meadowvale Hawks
Novice3F13208:30 AMBurford North London Nationals2-1Brantford 99ers
Peewee A14078:30 AMWGC2 Burlington Eagles0-5Glanbrook Rangers
Peewee A14088:30 AMWGC3 Columbus Blue Jackets4-2Brantford 99ers
Peewee A14098:30 AMWGC4 Hespeler Shamrocks1-0Burlington Bulldogs
PeeweeMDF15348:30 AMStGeorge Brantford 99ers6-2Paris Wolfpack
PeeweeMDF15319:45 AMGurney Simcoe Warriors3-2West London Hawks
PeeweeMDF15329:45 AMDavis London Bandits6-3Oshawa Minor Generals
PeeweeMDF15339:45 AMCivic Hamilton Huskies White2-6Cambridge Hawks
AtomMDF2339:45 AMWGC1 Orangeville Flyers1-5Oakville Rangers
AtomMDF2349:45 AMWGC2 Halton Hills Thunder1-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MBantam A7109:45 AMWGC4 Columbus Blue Jackets3-3Glanbrook Rangers
BantamMD40710:00 AMWGC3 Oswego Buccaneers5-0Hamilton Huskies Red
MBantamMD81510:00 AMBurford Hamilton Huskies White4-2West London Hawks
MBantamMD81610:00 AMStGeorge Ancaster Avalanche6-1Brampton Bulldogs
AtomMDF23511:00 AMWGC1 Simcoe Warriors4-1West London Hawks
AtomMDF23611:00 AMWGC2 Cambridge Hawks1-3Brantford 99ers
Novice2F122511:15 AMGurney Kitchener Jr. Rangers White3-2Halton Hills Thunder
Novice2F122611:15 AMDavis Burlington Bulldogs5-0Waterloo Wolves Black
BantamA31011:15 AMWGC3 Frisk Asker Norway6-2Burlington Bulldogs
BantamMD40811:15 AMWGC4 Waterloo Wolves Black5-1Brantford 99ers
MAtomMDF62311:15 AMCivic Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue2-0Northumberland Nighthawks
MBantamMD81711:15 AMBurford North London Nationals3-2Hamilton Huskies Red
MBantamMD81811:15 AMStGeorge Halton Hills Thunder5-5Cambridge Hawks
MAtomAF52312:15 PMWGC1 New Hamburg Huskies2-1London Jr. Mustangs White
MAtomAF52412:15 PMWGC2 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-4Milton Winterhawks
MPeeweeMDF102512:30 PMBurford Hamilton Huskies Red2-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MPeeweeMDF102612:30 PMStGeorge Caledon Hawks2-5Centre Wellington Fusion
BantamA31112:30 PMWGC3 Osteraker Sweden Vikings3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BantamMD40912:30 PMWGC4 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-0Paris Wolfpack
MAtomMDF62412:30 PMCivic Barrie Colts1-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MBantam A7111:15 PMGurney Quinte West Hawks3-3Hamilton Huskies
MBantam A7121:15 PMDavis Brantford 99ers2-0Metro Jr. Jets
BantamA3121:45 PMWGC3 Tappara Finland Blue3-1Brantford 99ers
BantamA3131:45 PMWGC4 Tappara Finland White6-1St. Thomas Jr. Stars
MPeeweeAF9191:45 PMBurford Stoney Creek Warriors2-8Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MPeeweeAF9201:45 PMStGeorge Cambridge Hawks4-5Brantford 99ers
Novice1F11232:00 PMWGC2 Cambridge Hawks3-7Brantford 99ers
Novice1F11242:00 PMWGC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red4-3Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeAF14102:15 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs1-0Hespeler Shamrocks
MBantam A7132:30 PMGurney Glanbrook Rangers0-4London Jr. Mustangs Purple
MBantam A7142:30 PMDavis Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-3Stittsville Rams
PeeweeAF14113:00 PMStGeorge Burlington Eagles2-4Brantford 99ers
PeeweeMDF15353:00 PMWGC3 Simcoe Warriors1-0Cambridge Hawks
PeeweeMDF15363:00 PMWGC4 Brantford 99ers2-4London Bandits
AtomAF1123:15 PMWGC1 Clarence Mustangs2-1Barrie Colts
Novice3F13223:30 PMWGC2 Meadowvale Hawks1-9Stratford Warriors
Novice3F13213:45 PMCivic North London Nationals5-6Sarnia Sting
Novice2F12274:45 PMWGC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers White4-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
Novice2F12284:45 PMWGC4 Burlington Bulldogs3-1London Bandits
AtomMDF2374:45 PMGurney Simcoe Warriors3-2Oakville Rangers
AtomMDF2384:45 PMDavis Brantford 99ers5-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAtomAF5254:45 PMWGC1 New Hamburg Huskies3-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAtomAF5264:45 PMWGC2 Milton Winterhawks0-8Glanbrook Rangers
MBantamMDF8196:00 PMWGC2 Brantford 99ers5-2Hamilton Huskies White
MPeeweeMDF10276:15 PMGurney Hamilton Huskies Red0-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MPeeweeMDF10286:15 PMDavis Centre Wellington Fusion6-0Waterloo Wolves
BantamMDF4106:15 PMWGC3 Paris Wolfpack1-4Oswego Buccaneers
BantamMDF4116:15 PMWGC4 Brantford 99ers5-6Hamilton Huskies Red
MAtomMDF6256:15 PMCivic Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-1North London Nationals
MAtomMDF6266:15 PMStGeorge Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue0-2Hamilton Huskies
MPeeweeAF9216:15 PMWGC1 Brantford 99ers3-2Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MBantam A7157:30 PMGurney Stittsville Rams2-4Brantford 99ers
MBantam A7167:30 PMDavis London Jr. Mustangs Purple1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MBantam A7177:30 PMCivic Hamilton Huskies3-3Columbus Blue Jackets
MBantam A7187:30 PMStGeorge Metro Jr. Jets1-4Quinte West Hawks
MBantamMDF8207:30 PMWGC2 North London Nationals0-1Cambridge Hawks
BantamA3147:45 PMWGC3 Burlington Bulldogs0-5Tappara Finland Blue
BantamA3157:45 PMWGC4 Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-9Tappara Finland White
BantamA3167:45 PMWGC1 St. Thomas Jr. Stars1-5Osteraker Sweden Vikings
Friday, December 30, 2016
Novice3F13238:30 AMWGC1 Stratford Warriors5-4Sarnia Sting
PeeweeAF14128:30 AMWGC2 Burlington Bulldogs1-4Glanbrook Rangers
MBantamAF7199:00 AMWGC3 London Jr. Mustangs Purple0-3Brantford 99ers
MBantamAF7209:00 AMWGC4 Quinte West Hawks0-2Stittsville Rams
Novice2F122910:00 AMWGC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers White5-6Burlington Bulldogs
PeeweeAF141310:00 AMWGC2 Brantford 99ers4-3Columbus Blue Jackets
BantamMDF41210:30 AMWGC3 Hamilton Huskies Red1-4Waterloo Wolves Black
BantamMDF41310:30 AMWGC4 Oswego Buccaneers1-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
Novice1F112511:30 AMWGC1 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-1Brantford 99ers
AtomMDF23911:30 AMWGC2 Simcoe Warriors2-1Brantford 99ers
BantamAF31712:00 PMWGC3 Frisk Asker Norway0-4Tappara Finland Blue
BantamAF31812:00 PMWGC4 Tappara Finland White5-4Osteraker Sweden Vikings
MPeeweeMDF10291:00 PMWGC2 Centre Wellington Fusion2-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MAtomAF5271:00 PMWGC1 New Hamburg Huskies0-3Glanbrook Rangers
MAtomMDF6271:45 PMWGC3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-1Hamilton Huskies
PeeweeMDF15372:15 PMWGC2 Simcoe Warriors1-3London Bandits
MBantamMDF8212:15 PMWGC1 Brantford 99ers1-2Cambridge Hawks
MBantamAF7213:15 PMWGC3 Stittsville Rams6-1Brantford 99ers
PeeweeAF14143:45 PMWGC1 Brantford 99ers0-5Glanbrook Rangers
BantamMDF4144:00 PMWGC2 Oswego Buccaneers4-0Waterloo Wolves Black
BantamAF3195:15 PMWGC1 Tappara Finland White2-1Tappara Finland Blue
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