Rules, Dale Parker Memorial RBC Minor Midget AAA Showcase, 2015-2016 (Brantford Minor Hockey Association)

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Brantford Minor Hockey Association
The Dale Parker Memorial RBC Cup
17th Anniversary "Minor Midget AAA" Showcase
Rules and Regulations
Team officials must register at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre Tournament Office at least one hour prior to
their first game. Approved rosters and travel permits must be presented to the Tournament Committee to review.
1) Tournament regulations and playing rules are those of Hockey Canada, Ontario Hockey
Federation and Alliance Hockey governing bodies. The following rules shall apply:
. Gross misconduct and Match penalties are automatic Tournament suspensions.
. All teams must be ready to start 10 minutes before each scheduled game time
. Teams must be ready to go on the ice as soon as the ice resurfacer is off and the doors are shut
. When the doors are shut, the Timekeeper will start the clock for the three minute warm-up
. Teams will shake hands following the completion of the game.
. The designated visiting team will leave the ice first upon direction of the referee and the home team
will remain at their bench until directed off the ice by the Referee at the end of the 2nd and 3rd periods.
. Only arena personnel, referees, timekeepers and the Tournament Committee members will be
allowed in the area of the timekeeper's box during all games.
2) Game Information
. Each team will play 4 round-robin games within their designated Division.
. All games, except the Championship Game, will consist of three 15-minute periods with a flood
between the 2nd and 3rd periods. The 3rd period of the Championship Game will be 20 minutes.
. All teams throughout the Tournament will be allowed one "30 second" time out in each game.
. Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a tie in Round-Robin play.
3) Play-off Format
. The top six teams overall will advance. 1st and 2nd Overall will play Sunday in the Semi-finals.
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Overall will play a 1/4 final on Saturday Night. 3rd playing 6th and 4th playing 5th
Winners of 1/4 Finals will play the two remaining teams in the Semi-finals on Sunday Morning.
1st Overall will play the Lower Seed and 2nd Overall will play the Higher Seed.
. A game tied at the end of regulation time in a 1/4 Final, Semi-Final or Championship Final will be
decided by "Sudden Victory" using the following rules for Overtime.
3 on 3 with 99 minutes on the clock and each team will play until we have a winner.
Player changes are made ar any time during the overtime periods as you would in regulation time.
In the event of a penalty, the NON offending team will add a player. Once the penalty is over,
the player returns to the ice and we continue at 4 on 4 until a stoppage in the play and the return
to the 3 on 3 format.
4) Tie-Breaker Rules
1) In the case of a tie between two (2) teams following round-robin play, the tie-breaker system shall be
as follows:
. Head to Head winner in round-robin
. Team with most wins
. Tie-Breaking Highest Percentage - (total goals for), divided by (total goals for + total goals against)
ie:{total goals for (7) divided by [total goals for (7) + total goals against (3)]} 7 divided by 10 = .700%
. Least penalty minutes
. If still tied, then Flip of a coin, furthest team from Brantford makes the call.
2) If three (3)or more teams are tied in points following round-robin play, the tie-breaker system shall be
as follows:
. Tie-Breaking Highest Percentage - (total goals for), divided by (total goals for + total goals against) The
team with the Highest Percentage advances.
. Team with most wins
. Least penalty minutes
5) In the case of any disputes the decision of the Tournament Committee will be final

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